The right kind of hope.

Cynicism has been setting in fast lately. Hurricane Ike blew down seven of the prettiest trees in our yard, and we had serious water damage when the roof leaked. On a larger scale, the economy is crashing down around us, the Democrats are winning, the Republicans whining, and our country is eagerly marching toward socialism. The double whammy of the micro and macro difficulties was beginning to drive my frustration level and my blood pressure steadily upward.
Then out of the blue, a friend (barely more than an acquaintance, really) rang the doorbell and offered to help cut up my downed trees and haul away the huge mess. He and his 19 year old son brought their 20′ trailer and hauled off three loads. My father-in-law showed up to help, and so did my uncle. No expectations, no strings attached. As for the roof, the insurance adjuster was very fair, and Travelers will be repacing my roof.

Suddenly, the big problems look less daunting. Good people working together to solve small problems are what make this a great country, despite big government’s efforts to screw it all up.

Obama’s vision of “Hope” is one that has the Audacity to use the power of the state to take personal property from private hands and re-distribute it by means of a massive maze of bureaucrats and self serving politicians.

My vision of hope is good people doing good things.

Thanks Jake, David, Tom and Uncle James, for being good people.

It’s over.

That’s it. The election is over. We might as well skip the vote and inaugurate Obama. I’m halfway through the VP debate, and Palin is embarrassing herself and all of us on the right. She had the opportunity to explain how Democrats created the mortgage crisis, and she didn’t even bring it up.

Just answer the questions!! I can’t take it. I’m turning it off.

No, I need to watch it.

That does it… she just said “nucular”. I’m done.

Minty Marketing

What marketing lessons can we learn from this photo?
Lesson #1: If you are a small business, and you wish to sell your services to other small businesses, do not go out and buy York Peppermint Patties from the grocery shelf, glue them to homemade flyers with a clever sales pitch, and mail them throught the U.S. Postal Service.
Lesson #2: If you decide to ignore lesson #1, at least use a protective box or padded envelope.

Statistcal Analaysis

“Don’t become a statistic”.

It’s one of those terms you hear on public service announcements, warning you not to drink and drive, talk on your cell phone and drive, take Ambien with alcohol while operating heavy machinery, etc…

But let’s think about this for a minute… If I DON’T die in an auto accident, am I any less a statistic? Are only dead people allowed to be called statistics? I say no! We are ALL statistics, each and every one of us, and those of us who have not been killed in an accident should stand up and be counted! That goes for those who have not died of heart attacks, those who have not been accidentally poisoned, and everyone that has not been the victim of a violent crime. Now is the time to exercise our numerical rights! It’s only fair and balanced, statistically speaking.

This can’t go on forever…

As I was standing in the grocery store checkout this week, I happened to see Cosmopolitan magazine on the stand. “100 SEX TRUTHS” was printed in large letters near the mostly exposed female.

Now, I’m no expert on this publication, but I can’t ever remember seeing a Cosmo cover that did not advertise new tips, tricks, techniques, and other suggestions for pleasing your man. This leads me to wonder exactly how many helpful hints there could possibly be. One hundred in this issue alone!

I’m thinking they will eventually run out of new ideas and that will be the end of Cosmopolitan Magazine. This should carry the added benefit of significantly reducing awkward moments for husbands standing in line at the grocery store.


Is it just me, or does anyone else become defensive upon entering McDonald’s these days? Before both of my feet are in the building, I’m greeted with a smile and a warm “Welcome to McDonald’s” greeting. Without the smile or the warmth. Or eye contact. At high volume.

I never attended Hamburger University, but apparently basic training involves a lot of yelling. Being verbally accosted in this manner is strangely disorienting, and generally causes me to swivel my head around, searching the room to see who is being yelled at. It all happens so fast…who’s yelling?…what did they say?…are they yelling at me?…am I supposed to respond? Just BACK OFF, OKAY?!?!

Yes, I suppose I am too picky. It’s okay, really.