A Contentious Christmas and a Vitriolic New Year

Happy Holidays!  Yes, I said Happy Holidays, and it felt good.  I also enjoy saying Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy New Year.  I’m told that saying Happy Hanukkah brings a smile to the lips of many good folks.  Then there’s the Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, and yes, Chalica and Festivus.  And let’s not forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday, celebrations of appeasement to the lords of retail.

Many Christians are becoming increasingly frustrated that the true meaning of their holiday is being crowded out.  Indeed, some are saying – with ever increasing volume – that there is a veritable WAR on Christmas, a master plan coordinated by  a grand cabal of atheists, big box retailers, socialists, and, well, probably some other bad people.

It seems to me that Jesus’s main message was love.  It also seems to me that if we celebrate a holiday to honor Jesus, we don’t honor him by it by bickering with others about it.  Do we promote peace on Earth with talk of war? Do we show good will towards men by demanding that they greet us on our own terms?

GrinchNever mind that the Bible contains no instruction to set aside a special day celebrating the birth of Jesus.   Never mind that most of our beloved Christmas icons – the tree, the holly and the ivy, the mistletoe, the hanging of lights, even the December date – were co-opted from an amalgamation of Druid pagan solstice rituals, Roman sun festivals, and ancient Jewish observances.  Never mind that early Christians took existing celebrations and superimposed the birth of Christ onto them.  Forget all that.  December belongs to us Christians!

“Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings” are not declarations of war. Non-Christians are regular people who like to give gifts and spread cheer as much as we do, and we accomplish nothing by boycotting businesses like Target for trying to attract shoppers of all faiths.  

I’ll say Merry Christmas, others can use their own greetings, and we can all enjoy the spirit of love and generosity that Jesus taught and lived out.  Or we can choose to be defensive and argumentative and speak of war.  Which is more Christ like?  Christians have legitimate battles to fight, but this is not one of them.

For you, Jesus may be the reason for the season.  But the winter holiday season was not ordained by God; it was created by men.  It has many roots and it has many reasons.   The common thread is that it is a time for merriment, for sharing love and happiness. So fellow Christians, let’s all say Merry Christmas.  But let’s not spoil it by taking the Merry out of it.

There’s a time for war, and a time for peace.  This is a time for peace.


A Contentious Christmas and a Vitriolic New Year — 1 Comment

  1. I think you make a great point, and I agree with it on one level. I do however think there is a much larger issue. In general I think Christians do have a peaceful mindset, in saying that, they are not proactively forcing the rest of the society to get in line with their beliefs under pain of lashings from morality police. I think that Christians want to express their beliefs openly but not shove them down others throats…. HOWEVER… In having that mindset they see a pro active left degrading mocking and minimizing their beliefs. They see a constant encroaching of established traditions that they established being maligned and high jacked for purposes that they do not agree with.

    Like a callous that becomes a blister, the raw skin is exposed. Christians have a blessing that others around the world do not have which is the freedom (for now) to express what they want and how they want it. The problem is this… That their is an intentional and constant and coordinated effort on the left to dismantle and destroy traditional Christian values in the society. We are seeing that movement now moving in confidence within public institutions. Most Christians have a cognitive dissonance about being willing to be confrontational over their own beliefs when they are being threatened. I believe the left knows this and has been taking massive ground because of Christian timidity. No i do not want Christians kicking the asses of people that do not say Merry Christmas.. but I think there needs to be a reversal of our reaction to what is happening. There needs to be a pro active coordinated push back to say, look we are here, we may not show our face, but we are the most powerful force in this country. Dont screw with us. …. In Jesus name.

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