The Doers and the Do-nots.

Consider two types of people:

When hit with a devastating hurricane, some find a reporter with a camera and demand “We need help, now”! Others shed tears over their loss, thank God for their life, and get to work picking through what’s left. Some shout angrily “I’ve been waiting in line for gas for three hours! What’s wrong with this country?” Others filled their tanks before the storm.

When laid off from a job, some look for someone to blame. Chinese people! Greedy bosses! Illegal aliens! They protest in the streets if told that their unemployment benefits can’t be extended forever. Others are thankful for unemployment compensation and use it to survive while they shift gears. They re-evaluate, re-educate, and work until they find a way to support themselves.

Upon slipping on a wet floor, some people call a lawyer. Others grab a mop.

After their candidate loses an election, some people shout UNFAIR! They whine, make excuses, and demand endless recounts. Others sigh, pray, get up, and go to work.

Which one do you want to be?

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