Need baking soda? I know this guy…

If you need sodium bicarbonate in large quantities, I can hook you up. Thanks to the power of the WWW, I now have a source in China for bulk baking soda.

How lucky can you get? This morning, out of the blue, an email showed up in my inbox from this guy named William Zhang. William and his business associates located my business through a careful search of the internet. According to the email, “We learn your esteemed company on your website!”

Now, most people would probably never think to market wholesale baking soda to an esteemed church furniture salesman, but then most people are not as sharp as William Zhang. He obviously thinks outside the box, and I’m inspired to do the same.

Lest you think Hangzhou Garden Corporation is just some fly-by-night outfit sending out spam willy-nilly, be aware that they’ve been at this since 2002, and they exported 120,000 Metric Tons of baking soda in 2009 alone! Besides that, the flowability of their soda is excellent. According to Mr. Zhang, “There is no agglomerate under common conditions in a year.” And the whiteness can meet 94.5. What more can you ask for?

I haven’t quite figured out how to work the baking soda into my church furniture website, so I’m offering it to you here. So before you shell out big bucks at the grocery store, call me for a sodium bicarbonate deal.

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