Eternal Images

When you go, how will you be remembered? 
I’m not talking about an epitaph or a eulogy.  I’m talking about your obituary photo.  What picture will be printed in the paper?  I find it fascinating to read the obits in the newspaper and compare the age of the deceased to the age of the person in the photo. Last week, for example, a seventy-one year old lady passed away, but her obituary picture was of a woman in her thirties, with a beehive hairdo and double-knit dress circa 1969.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I’m not about to criticize anyone’s perpetual picture preference.  Clearly this is a very personal thing.  But who makes the final decision?  Did this little old lady pre-select a photo and specify it in her will?  Perhaps her children selected a photo that reminded them of mom at her most maternal.  Or maybe the husband chose his favorite picture, choosing to remember her as he still sees her – young and beautiful.
The good thing about memories is that we can select them.  We remember our loved ones, and we see ourselves, as we choose to – in the prime of life.   
So I guess the real question is: When your prime be?

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