I want my DTV!

I was so looking forward to the switch to all digital television. Not because it affects my TV, but because it would mean we would finally be rid of those helpful public service announcements about the switch. Apparently now we will get six more months of them. Why? Because the omnipotent federal government doesn’t have enough $40 coupons to give to people to cover the cost of a converter box.
Rhetorical Question #1: Who would have thought that the US government could miscalculate the number of coupons that would be needed?
Rhetorical Question #2: Why do we think it’s the government’s job to buy converter boxes for people, anyway? Is watching television an inalienable right? If it is, why didn’t the government buy everyone a TV set to begin with?
Rhetorical Question #3: How many people are there out there still watching TV on an analog set using an aerial antenna? Really?
Rhetorical Question #4: If someone (a) is still watching TV on an analog set using an aerial antenna, and (b) can’t come up with the $40 for a converter box, how are they supposed to go to https://www.dtv2009.gov/ and order a coupon? I have a feeling they are not very internet savvy.

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