Among the entries in the Homecoming Parade of my once-conservative Alma Mater, Abilene Christian University, were a couple of political advertisements:

Three observations:
1. The Republican entry is just pathetic.
2. The Obama entry is also pathetic, but at least they were enthusiatic about it.
3. ACU is not as conservative as it was when I attended in the 80’s. It’s not exactly Berkeley now, but the level of support for such a leftist, pro-abortion candidate as Obama really surprises me. This is not merely college student lemmingism; I spotted an Obama bumper sticker on the car of a prominent member of the faculty (a Bible professor, no less).
4. The girl driving the McCain car looks much more mature than the kid with the Obama sign.
But something about the Obama posters on the pick-up bothered me on a level deeper than the sub-cutaneous irritation of the kid carrying the sign. The signs were all images of Obama’s face.
I couldn’t shake the creepy feeling that these posters would look right at home in fifty-foot versions painted like government grafitti on the side of some federal building. So I Googled around and came across this blog, which does a great job making my point.


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