The right kind of hope.

Cynicism has been setting in fast lately. Hurricane Ike blew down seven of the prettiest trees in our yard, and we had serious water damage when the roof leaked. On a larger scale, the economy is crashing down around us, the Democrats are winning, the Republicans whining, and our country is eagerly marching toward socialism. The double whammy of the micro and macro difficulties was beginning to drive my frustration level and my blood pressure steadily upward.
Then out of the blue, a friend (barely more than an acquaintance, really) rang the doorbell and offered to help cut up my downed trees and haul away the huge mess. He and his 19 year old son brought their 20′ trailer and hauled off three loads. My father-in-law showed up to help, and so did my uncle. No expectations, no strings attached. As for the roof, the insurance adjuster was very fair, and Travelers will be repacing my roof.

Suddenly, the big problems look less daunting. Good people working together to solve small problems are what make this a great country, despite big government’s efforts to screw it all up.

Obama’s vision of “Hope” is one that has the Audacity to use the power of the state to take personal property from private hands and re-distribute it by means of a massive maze of bureaucrats and self serving politicians.

My vision of hope is good people doing good things.

Thanks Jake, David, Tom and Uncle James, for being good people.

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