Can I speak to a machine please?

The modern day equivalent to the buggy whip would be the answering service. In a world with voice mail, why do businesses still use humans for to take messages? Is it because the human can do a better job of taking messages? Nope. The human cannot convey the exact wording, voice inflection, and tone of a message as voice mail can.

Now I know that many people from the greatest generation still hate talking to a machine. They want a real person!! I’ll grant that there is nothing more annoying than the digit-pressing labyrinth of your telephone company’s customer service line. I like a good receptionist as much as the next guy. But answering services are a different story. The answering service knows nothing about the business, and can only tell you when their client will be back and that they will leave your name and number. If you try to leave an actual message beyond this information, it’s going to lose everything in translation.

And they’re rude. Indifferent, at best. Why not? You are not their client! You are the client of their client, therefore you do not matter.

Doctors claim they still use them because they need them for emergencies. But today’s voice mail systems can route calls anywhere at anytime at the push of a button. There’s no excuse for still hiring human answering services.

Unless you hate checking voice mail messages…

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